So this week I wanted to share with you all some of the apps or personalities on social media that I follow to help me stay inspired, sane, informed, and in control of my healthy habits.
So, in the beginning of my health journey I made it a point to stop following “foodie” accounts and blogs. Why? Because most of those accounts tend to post pictures of trendy foods that aren’t exactly thehealthiest and I wanted to go and try them all. So instead I decided to unfollow those and follow accounts that reflected the type of lifestyle that I wanted to lead. So here are a few of them. Some, I use for food inspiration while others I follow for lifestyle inspiration.
I’ve also recently started reading some health blogs and these are just a few that I’ve found interesting articles on:
MyFitnessPal blog
I’ve recently been into watching lifestyle vlogs and seeing what other people do and eat to stay fit so I follow these people on YouTube.
Cambria Joy
Sarahs Day
HealthNut Nutrition
Oh and of course some guy named
Bradlee Crihfield
And finally, there are some amazing apps that I would recommend you download and give a try.
MyFitnessPal (great way to log your food intake and keep track of your macros)
Yummly (you can find so many great recipes for meal prep)
Nike Training Club (I love this app! Whenever I’m in need of a quick workout at home I turn to this app)
Fooducate (this app has interesting articles on food and nutrition)
Simplehabit (I’ve been trying to get into meditation and practicing mental wellness, so this app has great meditations for beginners)
So, yeah. This was my compiled list, I’d love to hear any recommendations of blogs, accounts, or apps that you follow.
– Letty

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