Though it may not be obvious, or a big part of my past life, I used to be pretty overweight. As in over 215 lbs and pre-diabetic. It actually took me a few years before I tried to do anything about it though, and it wasn’t something that I could maintain without support.

Like many people, I thought I didn’t have enough time or it would take far too many big changes in my lifestyle. I was working full time and the idea of taking extra hours to go to the gym or cook my food (or, you know, sleep properly) was just something I figured wouldn’t work with my schedule.

Of course, then I got annoyed with getting nowhere, I got a personal trainer, and even just the few sessions a week and simple changes in my habits started working – fast. The biggest change? Tracking my meals and eating simple, quick to prep meals that just gave me the fuel I need. It actually made my schedule simpler, and not having to think about what to eat that day made my life easier. It actually freed up my time (especially around dinner) because I spent so much less time trying to decide what to eat.

Just knowing my set of go-to meals, having only those in my house, and making sure they were all fast and easy to prepare took a lot of stress out of my life. Even eating out was simpler – I was always the person having to special-order food because of my lactose intolerance. Limiting carbs or other goal-unfriendly foods was just another box to check on my mental special-order list. In fact, it was so easy that the people who worked in restaurants I frequented practically knew my order before I made it, which made it even easier for my indecisive brain because of how ridiculously convenient it was to just say “yeah, the usual”.

Why not use convenience FOR you, right?

– Xin-min Lai

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