Whatever Wednesday

Stop For Nothing

Stress… Frustration… Anger… but over all just feeling tired and overwhelmed. That was the start of my week. I’ve had a couple of those weeks this past year and I’ve noticed that I often let those emotions get the best of me and often impede me from performing well during workouts and keeping up with my nutrition. Every time I have one of those days I try and remind myself to use those emotions to my advantage and kill my workout. I remind myself that I’m only hurting myself if I let those feelings affect me in a negative way. It never crosses my mind to skip the gym because I’ve already made it part of my daily routine but even when I show up I feel like I’m not fully there. But it all still helps. It helps to have a great group of people around you who encourage you to keep going. It helps to have trainers around you who are gonna make you work harder even when you don’t want to, or better yet make you work harder because they notice how crappy your day has been. I completed my workouts but I did slip up, I ate a couple of things that I know I shouldn’t have. It’s gonna happen, and that’s that. I had a rough start to my week but I’m not gonna let that determine how my week will end.

This week’s Whatever Wednesday was more of an introspective reflection, a journal, a way for me to vent and for you to maybe read something that will help motivate you through these upcoming weeks, no matter what kind of week you’re having.


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