Whatever Wednesday!

So… eating. We all love food and it’s the main reason why we’re all here. Those of you that have had the opportunity to attend the Nutrition Seminars know of the importance of Nutrient Timing and keeping up with your macros. When I first started making healthier choices I detoxed for the first 15 days and yes I did see weight loss but then what? One of the biggest changes I made was meal prepping. Here are some of the reasons why it worked for me:

1. portion control- I learned to eat what was on my plate and not go back for seconds.

2. convenience- Sure, meal prepping can take a big chunk of your day on Sunday but once you have it all in the fridge and ready to go, it’s amazing. The last thing I want to do after a workout is go home and cook dinner.

3. It taught me how to eat- when you’re first starting out you want to keep it really basic. Lunch: salad. Dinner: lean protein and veggies.

4. It taught me how to cook- Once I mastered reason number 3, I was able to experiment with different ingredients and come up with pretty delicious recipes. I also learned that for the most part I can substitute one or two ingredients and make my guilty favorites into a low carb meal.

5. Nutrient Timing- once you have your meals ready, it’s so much easier to fit your meals into your Nutrient Timing schedule. Whether you workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening you can interchange your meals according to your schedule.

Give it a try, whether you meal prep on your own or community meal prep at the gym, it can make that difference in your weight loss goals.


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