Another amazing season has just finished and here are the results!

Total weight Lost: 56 POUNDS!
Red: 19 lbs
Blue: 37 lbs

Top 5
1st place: Letty – 23.8 lbs
2nd place: Brenda – 9.5 lbs
3rd place: Tyesha – 4.1 lbs
4th place: Dez – 4 lbs
5th place: Karla – 4 lbs

Potluck Champion: Christina

Join us for the kickoff of season 35 TONIGHT at 7PM and handle those #fitnessgoals!  Remember, if you’ve signed up for season 35, My Body Stats will be here tonight to do your body fat/body composition scans.  If you’re NOT a member of Largest Loser and you still would like to know what your body fat and muscle mass breakdown is, the scan is $25.  Just sign up for one and be here tonight.  They will be here from 7PM to 8PM doing scans.

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