Today’s entry is short and sweet. Because that’s the point. Many of us fall short of achieving our health or fitness goals because we over complicate things. Stop it! Just stop doing that!

Working out doesn’t mean you have to transform yourself into a bodybuilding, rock climbing, cycling extraordinaire overnight. It can mean taking a 15 or 30 min walk on a break at work or getting an hour weight or cardio session in after work. The key is consistency. Try to make a routine of it. Something realistic that’s not intimidating. Then you build from there. Trust me, if you make it a priority and keep pushing yourself you will begin to expand the intensity. I see too many people try to jump into some huge weekly exercise routine, and burnout within a couple weeks because they thought they had to do it that way.

This is how i look at meal prep as well. Meal prep doesn’t have to take over your life. It sounds like a gargantuan task involving expertise, skill, and time, but really it’s not. Trust me, you can do meal prep in a way that fits your lifestyle without having to give up your entire weekend and never see your friends again. Let’s think smaller scale here. Just prep a few meals or snacks in advance. Last night I prepackaged almonds in snack baggies for quick easy grabbing on the go as I made dinner. I also boiled 6 eggs and paired them with a string cheese each. Also, since Ive been extra strapped for time I prep lunch salads in advance. I get the bagged salad with yummy cabbage and add a few items like sunflower seeds, onion, and a protein (usually hard boiled egg or chicken leftover from dinner). I can make 2 to 3 lunches from each bag. It’s quick and easy and most of all it saves me from grabbing something processed when I’m starving and it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to put together all 3.

The trick is thinking about what you’ll eat the day before and planning it out. Really, you don’t have time for that? How long have you been on Facebook just today? So, as I was saying, go ahead and make a quick plan. Just think of your main meals and a couple snack options in between.

What’s in your snack bags?

– Coach Amanda

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