Welcome to the Sweatshop Gym’s Healthy Neighbors program!

Meet Your Coach - Laura Johnson

Hi! I’m Laura and I’ve been where you are. In 2008, I started as a client for Bally Total Fitness and fed up with my own weight struggle and many failed diets, I finally buckled down and signed up for a personal trainer.

In about 1 ½ years, I lost 100 pounds and went from couch potato to trail runner. I ran multiple XTERRA SoCal Trail Runs, completed my goal of running LA Marathon in 2011, and am now currently participatiyng in and continuously training for GORUCK Challenges that last up to 12 hours!

Driven by my own weight loss success, I set out to become a personal trainer to help others reach their goals. I became NASM certified in 2010 and began training clients in the very same gym I started out in. I moved on to become a personal trainer for The Sweat Shop Gym since their opening in 2011 and am currently the gym manger.
Thank you for letting me join you on your fitness journey. I’m excited for you to reach your goals!

Class Schedule

  • Mondays – 7pm: Weigh-in Day and/or Monthly Body Scan
    45+ min. Group Workout
  • Wednesdays – 7pm: 1 hr. Group Workout
  • Saturdays – 10am: 1 hr. Group Workout

The Fitness Tracker

Your tool for accountability and success. Bring your fitness tracker to every class. We’ll use it to keep track of your attendance and weight loss milestones.

Show up.
Work hard.
Get rewarded.


The Rewards

Classes Reward
Level 1 5 T-shirt
Level 2 15 Sticker Decal & Reusable Bag
Level 3 30 Sweat Towel & Water Bottle
Level 4 50 Premium Gym Shirt
Level 5 75 Gym Bag
Level 6 100 Sweatshirt

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