Whatever Wednesday is here!

Let’s talk about failure. Throughout this continuous weight loss journey it’s important to make goals. I tend to be the type of person who sets small tangible goals because of my fear of failure. So when I first started the Largest Loser program the coaches asked me what my overall weight loss goal was, I was afraid to answer because I hadn’t really thought that far ahead. Ofcourse I knew I had over 100 lbs to lose but I didn’t know whether I would ever get there. Over a year later, I finally see the importance of making those big goals. I was 319lbs at my heaviest and my goal was to be under 300lbs by the end of my first season. Finale came and my final weigh in marked 300.2lbs. It bothered me, I’m not gonna lie, it bothered me that I was that close! But I began to reflect on my progress and on all of the other goals that I had unexpectedly met. I did my first real sit up, tried my first spin class, learned that I could enjoy coffee without sugar. That small failure fueled me to try even harder the next season. I was under 300 within the next couple of days and although I did celebrate it, by then I was already focused on my next goal. Many times we feel discouraged when we don’t see progress towards our goal but so long as you’re working towards it, you’re already making gains in other aspects. I’ve learned to set big goals because even if I fall short, I’ve already made progress. 175! The answer I gave the coaches was that I wanted to reach 175lbs. Over a year later, I’m still working towards that goal and have accomplished so much along the way. I plan to meet that goal by the end of this season and if I fail it’ll be ok! It’s true when they say that it’s about the journey not the destination. Make goals, make big goals and don’t be afraid to fail at them.

What are your fitness/weight loss goals?


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