I’m not a great runner. Every time Brad tells me I have to run, I dread it with the fire of a thousand suns. It’s pretty much constant discomfort, but cardio is a necessity if you want to stay healthy and active. So what to do?

When I was training for MMA a few years ago, I would have to cut weight for each fight. That basically means sweating a lot without injuring yourself or wearing out your body, which means lots of extra cardio. Since running didn’t fit that criteria for me, it was spin bike to the rescue!

On the spin bike, you can push your heart rate up enough to sweat rivers, but there’s not all that stress on the knees and various other joints. When I did spin classes run by Laura or Brad, it was always a killer workout, even with my various joint problems.

When it was just me getting in those extra calorie burns to cut weight, I could lose myself in a pre-fight playlist without putting extra pressure on knees that had to last through 3 rounds of combat the next day. I just threw on a hoodie and some sweats and pretty much guaranteed I’d make weight. When it’s either make weight or don’t compete, is there really a choice? Do what you need to make it happen.

I’ll probably never be a fan of cardio – give me lifting or one of Brad’s wrestling workouts any day – but when you gotta do it, make it count, right?

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