It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

     Sometimes we drift off course and lose sight of the big picture. We do it in all aspects of our lives and that’s okay. The key, however, is to find our way again. Maybe we take a turn down a different road and alter our path but ultimately we should be able to refocus with a solid understanding of why we’re doing what we do. I feel this is a meaningful topic because it’s a common one yet it is not commonly vocalized. So often fitness gets reduced to a set of numbers and an aesthetically pleasing outcome. The other benefits are overshadowed by impatience and desire for immediate gratification. But, there’s so much more than just a number to consider. The health benefits, physical as well as mental, are reason alone. Let’s not forget the people we meet, friends we make and the overall positive atmosphere the gym encompasses to name just a few. So, it’s important to remind ourselves of the other benefits when we begin to trail off course or become disenchanted with slow results.

One of the top reasons I push myself to prioritize working out is my mental health. I have anxiety and exercise has been the best thing I’ve found for relief. Pushing my body past my mental roadblocks relieves actual physical stress. I leave the gym feeling refreshed and strong and that’s worth a lot. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some pretty awesome people with the same mind set. The individual goals themselves may not always be the same but the overall objective is; put in work to achieve a desired outcome and maintain that goal moving forward. Part of becoming who you want to be is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. Don’t get me wrong, my pre-baby jeans have been calling my name from the depths of my closet for some months now but the point is that there’s so much more to exercise than just losing weight and when when we’re cognizant of all the many benefits we have more reasons to keep making it a priority.

-Amanda Crihfield

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