Sweat Squad is back!

After a little hiatus, our advanced boot camp program is back and the Sweat Squad is in full swing.  our advanced workout program is geared towards individuals with a strength goal or athletic goal as oppose to a weight-loss/fat loss goal.  Our Sweat Squad will be gearing our training over the next couple months to prepare for our first Tough Mudder of 2018, which involves a lot of upper body strength for climbing, cardio endurance for the long run and a compound strength for all the odd obstacles these races have.

Alfredo Boreggo was recently brought on board to help spearhead the new and improved program and will be coaching the class on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm, while Brad “The Brick” will be coaching on Saturday mornings at 7am.  Each class will present a uniquely difficult challenge for the Sweat Squad and over the course of the year we will see tremendous imporvement in the size and strength of our entire Sweat Squad.

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